no cards for awhile

hi everyone. i hurt my arm but i did not fall or anything interesting! i got a massage and that triggered the pain! so the arm issue is a big problem. xrays indicate that i have calcification tendonitis of the rotator cuff but i have to wait to do an mri for 2 to 3 weeks so i will be in a sling for awhile. i won’t have cards for awhile since just typing with one hand is too hard. i will miss crafting. after the mri the doctor will determine if he can try an injection into the shoulder joint or do surgery. but to complicate things i am unable to do steroid shots so the pain is immense. thank you for understanding! i hope i can do easy cards soon! my friend said she’d help me so once i get past the huge pain, i’ll be able to do something! thanks for the well wishes! the bright side is i don’t have to cook or do chores! LOL! cyndi


4 thoughts on “no cards for awhile

  1. Oh dear! I am a shoulder surgery survivor. It is difficult at best to live without the use of an arm. And you have my best prayers for the pain!! My pain was off the charts after my shoulder surgery. I have never experienced such horrific physical pain. (I do know what terrible pain is – I am no panty waist!) I prayed and told myself this was temporary. It was. Several days later it ebbed some and I realized that the pain pills were amazing even though I thought they weren’t working at all during the worst of it. Perhaps some muscle relaxant would help better than pain pills?? Irregardless, I do pray that this can be resolved quickly for you!!


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