Spinning hamster card

I saw Sandy Allnock’s awesome video tutorial about how to make a spinning card and it inspired me to open up my new Lawn Fawn stamp set called I Wheelie Like You! Here is my version of Sandy’s card! If you haven’t checked out her video, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AtHmdM_QCI&list=PLvwI47YF7kGWlkwXxtlWO0jyPEG631Wal

I highly recommend seeing it! Her card is adorable! The spinner is pretty easy once you get the hang of it! You’ll need two foam dots, a tiny brad and 12 inches of twine for the actual spinner. Grab two foam dots and sandwich one end of the twine but leave the protective cover on the outsides of your dots. Using a pin, poke a hole for the brad to go through the sandwich and put the brad through. Poke another hole on to your card and finish poking the brad through the card and set the brad. Once you have that, use glue to add your spinner to your sandwich. Easy! Then just decorate the other end of the twine and your card and wind the twine around your spinner. Behind the hanging hamster I stamped the word “Pull”. Awesome! The hamster looks so cute, like he is running on his hamster wheel! Adorable!

hamster card 1


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